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Argentina - Provinces

Argentina - Provinces

created by patricito, 5 years ago in Geography

23 provinces, Buenos Aires city and Islas Malvinas (Falklands). Points are over capital city.

NOTE: Argentina doesn't have sovereignity over Falklands but it still considered argentine ground by the inhabitants of the country.

Tags argentine provinces argentina arg buenos aires falkland

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The Falkland Islanders consider themselves British despite the claims by Argentina. Having fought a war over this issue in 1983, with large loss of life on both sides, I think it is quite insensitive for this game to feature the Falkland Islands as being an Argentinian Province.

8 months ago



Thanks patricito. Interesting how dots are located on provincial capitals. It gives the game a better quality.

Note: It is still disputed as to whether Argentina has sovereignty over the Islas Malvinas.

4 years ago



¡Disfrútenlo! (Enjoy it!)

5 years ago