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April 10 in History

April 10 in History

created by tickman, 3 years ago in History

Various things that happened on the date April 10.

Map by Pietro Calogero.

Tags April 10, April history, calogero, History, tickman, tikhist

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El Sharif

El Sharif

Omar Sharif lol

3 years ago



For more information on this date's historical significance, see the list on the topic at Wikipedia. Enter a date (e.g., July 12) into the search box, hit return, and you'll get lots of information. See:


Special thanks to my friend Makropulos for these additional suggestions of source information, which are also used in this series:

Infoplease.com page:


Library of Congress "This Day in History" page:


New York Times "On this Day" page:

Historyorb.com's "Today in History" page:


The map I use is is by Pietro Calogero, and is originally from here:


It has a GNU Free Documentation License (GPL). Details:


Special thanks to my friend Slaaty, who modified the map and provided me the ancestor of the version I use here.

3 years ago