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The Russian Alphabet

The Russian Alphabet

created by bobbysmokes, 7 years ago in Linguistics

Russian is written using a modified version of the Cyrillic (кириллица) alphabet. The Russian alphabet consists of 33 letters. The following table gives their upper case forms

Tags Russia, Alphabet, cyrillic, Russian, azbuka, phonics, pronunciation

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Comments (4)

a. stoner

a. stoner

The pronunciations for a few of these are a little screwed up... I wonder, is there a more accurate game of this topic?

2 years ago



The pronounciations are completely WRONG. No russian in their right mind would call the character neh as en. I'm serious. WHOEVER MADE THIS QUIZ CAN'T SPEAK RUSSIAN IF THEIR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT.

4 years ago



IMO some pronunciations don't even remind the right way to pronounce the letters. Therefore, it was hard to get them right all at once.

6 years ago



To learn the articulation of all except four of these letters, search for the games "Bulgarian Alphabet - Cyrillic". There are 5 parts. The first is:

The Bulgarian alphabet contains only letters of the Russian alphabet, it's the same except for the fact that the letters ы, э and ё doesn't exist in the Bulgarian alphabet, and that there is a difference in the articulation of the letter ъ.

7 years ago