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German Territorial Losses 1919-1945

German Territorial Losses 1919-1945

created by tickman, 5 years ago in History

Name the areas lost by Germany following the two world wars.

Image by Renata3 at Wikipedia/Wikimedia

Tags 20th century, europe, German, germany, History

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@ Lama:

Regarding your comment that it would be more helpful to you if it were in German:

There is a German-language version of that map at Wikipedia:

I think it would be great if you made a game out of it. That is, if you are comfortable making games and have some sort of software that gives you the capability of doing so.

Many of the backgrounds I use have versions in more than one language. A fair number have several versions. But for me to try to make games in all those languages might be a bit pretentious on my part, and would also be repetitive.

I encourage you to make the game, and I thank you for your comment, and for playing my game.

5 years ago



If the names were in German it would be much more useful (for me)

5 years ago



Very interesting! Thank you.

5 years ago



More on the topic (and this map) here:

The map is here:

It has been released by its author into the public domain.

5 years ago