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Poker Hands

Poker Hands

created by Upgrade, 7 years ago in Sports

Find the poker hand

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Well, I think it might have to do with Europe vs. the US. I have never heard of either "trips" or "fullen". And Royal Flush is missing? That is the best hand. I have never played with wildcards, but I have heard of people playing with them.

5 years ago



Trips is pretty common, I hadn't heard of 'fullen' before.

However, there is a pretty obvious mistake that I can't believe hasn't been pointed out in over a year, unless I'm missing something. Top right - 4 10's and a wild card makes 5 of a kind.

6 years ago



Maybe the game is played differently in other places, but this is a strange way of presenting the poker hands... The Royal Flush (10, J, Q, K, A - matching suite) is missing entirely. Most poker games don't use wild cards of any kind. I also don't get 'fullen' and 'trips' which seems a bizarre pair of abbreviations for "full house" and "three-of-a-kind". But I learned to play from an "According to Hoyle" book that was published in the 70s maybe things have changed and I'm just being picky and stuck in my ways...

7 years ago