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Cradles of World Religions - Easy Level

Cradles of World Religions - Easy Level

created by coachd, 8 years ago in Geography

Click on approximate sites where world religions originated.

Tags world, global, religions

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Hugo is utterly correct

5 years ago



This is a funny subject but the facts are quite misleading. "Cradle" and "Center" are not the same thing.

- Catholicism has its center in Rome but its cradle in Jerusalem
- Russian Orthodoxy has nor its center nor its cradle somewhere in eastern Ukraine. Its center is in Moscow, its cradle is in Jerusalem.
- Mormonism (or more specific LDS-church) has its center i Salt Lake city, Utah but the cradle is New
York or Illinois.
- I dont know where Jainism was founded but the most of its faithful lives in north west of India, not somewhere around Tamil Nadu in the south.
- Buddha was from Uttar Pradesh wich is the middle north of India and is today mostly praticed in Indochina, China, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Not somewhere around North-East India.

All the others seem to be correct. Has anyone something to object?

7 years ago



nice game

7 years ago



Coach D- Awesome Game!


7 years ago